Cute Japanese : Keiko Kitagawa

The cute girl who appeared on Fast and Furious : Tokyo Drift movie must be familiar with this one idol, Keiko Kitagawa. This Super model is one of the most popular idol in Japan.
Keiko Kitagawa Profile : She was born on August 22, 1986 in Hyogo Prefecture, and began his career as a model of Seventeen magazine from 2003 until mid 2006. Then she left the world of modeling and start reaching the world’s movie. The first film she played is a series which I’m sure you all know, the Sailor Moon Live Action. Well the Sailor Moon film is adapted from its anime and in this series Keiko plays a role as Sailor Mars. After Keiko success with her acting in Sailor Moon series, she continued acting through several movies such as: Mamiya Kydai, The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), Dear Friends (2007), Handsome Suit (2008), and others. She also played TV series / Dorama like Mop Girl (2007) and homeroom on the beachside / Taiyo no Umi (2008) and the latest drama played by Keiko is Buzzer Beat (2009).

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