[K-Pop]Sistar (씨스타)

Hyo Rin (효린 )

Our lovely leader! She will captivate you with her powerful vocals and charming smile!
Birth Name: 김효정 Kim Hyo Jung
Stage Name: 효린 Hyo Rin
Birth Year: 1991
Height: 163cm (5’3”)
Position: Leader
Entertainment: Starship Entertainment

Yoon Bora (윤보라)

One of the brightest stars in the sky, it's our sexy rapper Bora! With a killer body and sexy moves, how can you resist?
Name: Bora
Birthday: 90/01/30
(January 30, 1990)
Position: Rapper, Vocal

Soyou (소유)

With the looks of an angel, she's our most prized possession. So what are you waiting for? Come in and get to know her now!
Real Name: Kang Ji Hyun (강지현
Stage Name: Soyou (소유
Nickname: Little Lee Mi Yeon
Age: 19
Birthdate: February 12th, 1992 (02/12/92)
Height: 170cm (5'5")
SISTAR Position: Vocalist

DaSom (다솜)

Our cute & sexy maknae Dasom! Even though she's the youngest, she shines just as bright as her three unnies!
Group Position : Maknae
DOB : May 6th, 1993 (17)
Height / Weight / Blood Type : – / – / A
Specialty : -
Debut : 2010 (through CECI Magazine April issue & with SISTAR’s debut single, Push Push)

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